28 Окт 2021

The Short Guide to IQ’biki® 3D PUZZLE

I believe that the human mind, or even the mind of a cat, is more interesting in its complexity than an entire galaxy if it is devoid of life.
©  Martin Gardner

What is your goal with this game?

If you press the button « i » of main menu you can find your purpose in this game: Your objective is to rotate cubes so that each face of the pyramid includes all 4 colors. Possible combinations of colors shown in this clip. Maybe you mean more global objectives? — The training with 3D puzzle will improve your ability to mentally manipulate 3D objects. IQ’biki will develop your spatial imagination or you can try to refine your mathematical skills.

Management and Settings.

The pyramid of cubes is reflected in the bottom surface and the side mirror. I don’t think that you will want to disable or remove the reflections but you have this opportunity. Screenshot_menu Hint to the value of each icon will appear if hold your finger on the icon for a little longer than the usual «click». <h3 rotate_cube

The cube rotates around an axis perpendicular to the selected faces and passing through the center of the face. The face is highlighted as soon as you touch it. See the same clip.

The application appears too big on my screen!

Mobile devices are extremely diverse, and IQ’biki can be installed on the device that has a display very different from other display devices. The scene of play can look differently on different monitors. You have to try to find such scene placement on the display of your device to visual comfort combines with the ability to confidently capture the faces of the cube on the touchscreen. Use the option «Focus» (especially important for owners of BlackBerry Passport).
  • Image00001

  • Image001

  • Image00002

  • Image00003

  • Image00004

  • Image00006

So it looks in the dynamics.


The field « info » informs you how many rotations left to do to achieve your goal (let me know if see the complexity more than 8!) and « counter » will show how much time and action already spent. color_differ

How does it improve my math skills?

Take a screenshot of the screen with a combination of cubes. Exit the game. This will stop the game counter. Use all your mathematical experience to solve the problem! Go back to the game and enter your found sequence. And your friends will look at your timer and ask: «How did you accomplish this?». 😉
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This is a difficult puzzle, but you can handle it! It fails? — Press  auto .

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